Bronte's pistachio almond paste pastries


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Delicious pastries handcrafted with almond paste prepared following the ancient Sicilian tradition, containing 40% of Sicilian almonds (from Avola) and famous Bronte's pistachio. Packaged one by one just baked to preserve the fragrance intact.

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To paraphrase a well-known advertising, "the secret of almond paste is the almond": Sicilian, of course!

More fine, more tastier, more flavorful (and therefore also more expensive *) respect the american cousins, turkish, iranian, etc .. The excellence of this particular almond combined with the skill of the Sicilian pastry makes them uniques, with amazing nutritional properties .

Our almond pastries are handmade according to the ancient traditional Sicilian recipe, using strictly natural ingredients (no semi-finished products, purees or similar). So that they can be enjoyed as a freshly baked, they are packed one by one and keep intact their fragrance for more than six months. We still recommend that you enjoy them within 30 days from the baked.

* Wholesale price of Sicilian almond is currently about 18-20 Euro / Kg.

To bring down the selling price of almond paste pastries, there are two systems: decrease the proportion almond / sugar almonds or use "foreign" almonds. We have chosen to focus on QUALITY ': probably our almond paste will not be the least expensive on the market but they contain at least 40% of Sicilian almond and are strictly hand made with quality raw materials.


Production takes "to order", so the products are shipped fresh baked. For this reason, processing the order requires 24-48 hours.


Data sheet

Almonds (45,0%), sugar, egg white, powdered sugar (sucrose, corn starch), honey, natural flavor (glucose syrup, identical natural flavor, stabilizer E415, preservative: E202, E 330).
Net weight
Kg. 1
Best before
30 days
Calories per 100 gr. (kcal.)
Calories per 100 gr. (kj.)
Protein gr.
Carbohydrate (sugar) gr.
60 (59)
Fat (satured) gr.
25 (2,1)
Fiber gr.
Salt gr.

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